About The ‘Sip

In its heyday, The ‘Sip was a beacon of storytelling, shining a light on the heart and soul of Mississippi. As a revered quarterly print magazine, it sought out the untold tales of the Magnolia State, celebrating its diverse culture, rich history, and the myriad voices that make up its fabric. From the haunting allure of the Delta to the lively vibes of the Gulf Coast, The ‘Sip told Mississippi’s stories with authenticity and passion.

Although our journey as an active print publication has come to a close, the spirit of The ‘Sip endures. Our archives stand as a testament to a time and place, capturing moments and stories that still resonate deeply. Through our pages, we explored the state’s musical roots, uncovered hidden culinary gems, celebrated local heroes, and traversed the breathtaking landscapes that define Mississippi.

While we no longer publish new stories, The ‘Sip remains a cherished repository of a Mississippi remembered and revered. Dive into our archives and relive the moments, the stories, and the essence of a state that’s always had so much to tell.

A letter from the editor (June 2018):

After much thought and consideration over how best to move The ‘Sip into its fifth year, I’ve decided to stop publishing the magazine.

 At this time, I’m unable to give the publication the full attention it needs to survive in the ever-changing print landscape. I have devoted a lot of energy over the past year trying to find a viable solution for keeping the magazine in print, but I wasn’t able to successfully secure the resources needed to create ongoing sustainability. In a nutshell, because of your wonderful support, the magazine has grown beyond my ability to take it where it needs to go. For that, I am very proud of how far it’s come but also sad that we can’t continue this journey together.

It has been one of my greatest joys and accomplishments to work with some of the state’s most talented writers, photographers, editors and designers over the past four-plus years to create this product. Each issue held strong to the important mission of promoting and showcasing the unique and undeniably rich culture of Mississippi. Its success across the state and region surpassed all of my expectations, and I can’t thank you — our dedicated subscribers, readers and followers — enough for such an amazing road trip through Mississippi.

The same passion and vision that led me to launch The ‘Sip as a platform to tell stories about the people, places and culture — while celebrating what makes Mississippi stand out, stand up and stand above — continues to burn in me through all things I do.

While I am pushing pause on printing The ‘Sip magazine, I will continue looking for a meaningful outlet to share our rich archive — more than 200 timeless cultural stories — published throughout our 15 issues in print. I will also look fervently for new ways to uncover and share the countless cultural stories that have yet to be told.

And, who knows, maybe The ‘Sip will be back in print some day.

Thank you again for believing in this product and its mission. Please feel free to contact me directly at editor@thesipmag.com with any questions regarding this change.

Cheers, y’all,

Lauchlin Fields